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Apocalypse Now Now – Charlie Human


The cover of the book, with its sensual juju wildness that suggested a Reservoir dog-ish underworld drama and nutty supernatural and somewhat bizarre fantastical characters, leapt out of the book and dragged me headfirst into it. All eagerness bound, I was expecting much violence and gore and also some titillating imagery and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. However, all that expectations aside, the twists in the story were like a rollercoaster ride, you had to strap on and hold on tight whilst the author flounced you in and out of madness till the point you’re left to question your own sanity and the constant struggle to shut down the brain wave as to why the hell you picked it up, the book was just too fast and just too wild.

The story is of Baxter, a teenage boy from Cape Town, SA (post-apartheid ideal location for the underworld crimes), is hurled out of his perfect life of a bully-cum-businessman-running-his-own gang to an unexpected alternate reality when his girlfriend, Esme, goes missing. After a verbose battle of this badass bully with the much softer side of his personality, the softer Baxter wins over and goes out to hunt for his girl friend. His vision of normality diminishes as soon as he meets a crazy red-haired long beard filthy bounty hunter and he acquires a status of a seer, who goes back and forth his psychotic phases, and knocks down many unfathomable supernatural creatures just to spot Esme. His mentally handicap brother with his erratic drawings and his deranged grandfather lodging in an asylum for the crazy with his eccentric crow stories, feed Baxter with enough background to believe that the alternate reality he has just stepped over actually exists.

Without giving much away, I would wind up the review, hoping that the other readers of this book find this insanity perfectly plausible for their fantasy-driven mind but for me, it knocked me out of my sweater!!


No Exit – Satre


This play gave me a wonderful idea for my next photography project and another view of hell. Every time I pick up something by existentialist authors, I’m reminded of how much they closely border upon my thoughts on life. The play centers around three characters who are trapped in a room after being dead for several hours and begin conversing about each other’s idea of why they’ve landed there which they think is essentially the hell. They bicker, fight and hate each other and we come to see how each one of them is a cause of torment for another.

So to sum it up “Hell is other people.” 

There was never a time while reading this I wasn’t reminded of The Breakfast Club. The bickering and incessant probing for truth from each character was done almost alike. Even the lipstick scene is pretty much the same! Hughes, like Satre, tried to steer the focus away from stereotypical images and presented what is human under the façade. The play is short and quick to read but leaves a much lasting impression forever, and ever, and ever…

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