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Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves.



Let me do a little buck and wing dance for this one. Ahh, Wodehouse gets me cracking my limb-oos.

*stretch -kick -stretch – cheers*

It’s cheery, dancy and wonderful for the bummer days. There is a lot more swagger to Jeeves than I’ve ever seen in any fic butler ever. I guess, if he had ever made it to the real world, I would’ve been swapping my cigarettes for his reality show DVDs.  Although after some time, the whole raged aunt, half-hallucinated uncle, bubbling-romance diva and a butch for a villain square does becoming a trite, but there is always something about the Wodehouse language and his expressions in the ghettos that makes lotsa book jailbirds like me willing to fly right out their pickles.

This one was quite uniquely expressed too. After their usual ruffle and shuffle of the snarky situations, the Jeeves-Wooster team manages to come out with just slight bruises on their ego, shinning like spring chickens. So, there isn’t a lot to give away as a plot. You can only find out by picking it up and giving it a really nice breeze with a quick flashy reading.


Hullo…Zap Zap…Focus your audio, please.

Hullo to almost next to no audience of this baby blog, I hope your stay here would be as much fun as I hope it would be.

So, to jump the gun already, blogging is NOT my second nature but reading is, in fact, I don’t remember spending any day of my life without, if not heavy, but necessarily a mild flip of a book everyday. But blogging is something I’ve been trying to avoid for a long time. First, because the introvert in me couldn’t have shimmered and nurtured had I been making my rants public. Second, I had a distinct scare and less than no confidence in my writing abilities.

But having reasonably matured and putting my stuffed-frog expression behind, I’m pepping up to this new venture, that is – you guessed it- a book blog!  Weeeeee 😀

While my claws are still sharp on books and their reviews, I really hope to keep a lively banter for the book lovers to hog here.

Hose me down with your positive vibes and lucks, please. ^_^ Also, if you like what you’re reading, give me a follow on Twitter. @LuciferSam__

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